Papa’s Four-ingredient Marmalade

Do you feel that? Yep, it’s almost time. Springtime in New Orleans brings the most fragrant smells. One of the first things I bought myself when I “grew up” was Meyer lemon trees.

You see, anyone who knows me personally knows that Martha Stewart taught me most of my comprehensive knowledge of how to be a homemaker. From the garden to the kitchen and all in between, I paid attention to every single detail and have carried it over to my everyday life – almost 20 years now!

I found out quickly after learning about Meyer lemons that they are unique because they are a hybrid of an orange and a lemon. The sweet combination leaves a flavor that is not to be replicated easily. A Lisbon lemon is not a Meyer lemon. Just like a Meyer lemon isn’t a Ponderosa lemon.

There are so many fun recipes you can make with lemons. In particular, the Meyer lemon. From savory, one-pot dishes, to delicious sweet treats. My Meyer lemons have come in very useful over the years.

One of my favorite recipes is as simple as it is good. It is a charming and tart Meyer lemon marmalade. It’s so good to spread onto toast with a pat of butter, OR the sweetest gift by jarring a bit and decorating with a sweet yellow bow around the lid.

I even make a decadent layered cake called Meyer Marmalade Dream Cake,

But today, I want to show you just HOW SIMPLE it is to make this in the comfort of your kitchen.

First, you will need:

  • about a dozen, nicely sized Meyer lemons
  • 6 cups of water
  • 8 cups of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of salt


This is a multi-day process. Make sure you can set aside 2 or 3 days to complete. 

In a large bowl add:

Slice your lemons VERY THINLY. The sharper your knife the easier to get a uniform and clean cut each time.

Add all lemon slices into bowl, while also collecting seeds as they come out.

Once seeds are collected,

Add water.

Cover bowl and let lemon slices soak in water for 24 hours. This helps soften down the Rhine of the lemons.

The next day: 

Cooking Steps:

Pour lemons and water into large pot. Make sure the vessel is large enough to hold contents PLUS foam when it starts to rise.

On med-high heat, warm lemons and water.

Add sugar and salt.

Stir constantly to dissolve the sugar for about 25 minutes or until the contents get to 220 degrees on a candy thermometer.

You can also use different kinds of tests to see if it sets rather than a thermometer.

I like to use the candy thermometer because it is FAIL PROOF.

No one wants to have their lemons wasted because you weren’t sure.

After you reach 220 degrees, you can can the contents to bake, after cooling.

Papa’s Meyer Marmalade is uniquely charming and gives the pop of tartness to bring in much-needed sunlight, especially if it is still cold where you are!

If you make it, Please send me pictures and tell me how it went!