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Unscripted: A NolaPapa Podcast

Life isn't just a blog. It's also Unafraid, Unique, and Unscripted: A NolaPapa Podcast. Join NolaPapa & Friends as they laugh, cut up and interview fascinating humans from all walks of Life - from non-profits to celebrities and all in between. Come along with Erik and Nikki as they drink & dish it out from all things NOLA, twice a month!

Screen Time & Milk Banks

I'm so excited for our new segment on kid's health, "Dr. Jake's Take" with our friend Dr. Jake Kleinmahon, pediatric cardiologist at Oschner Hospital in New Orleans!

Gumbo & Cookies = Life

Look out! A Brand New Segment that I am thrilled to launch is coming in hot! NolaPapa Eats is a local, culinary segment sponsored in part by Rouses Markets. It’s simple. I track down the chefs and restauranteurs that personally inspire me. If they inspire me, I bet they will inspire you too! This week we welcome chef, restauranteur, and author, Jarred Zeringue from Wayne Jacob’s Smoke House in LaPlace, Louisiana. -Courtesy of Southern & Smoked“In South Louisiana, food is more than just sustenance. It is a way to bring friends and family together and it connects us to our history and our culture.”

Footballs & Spirits

I cannot imagine the amount of courage it took for NFL’s Ryan O’Callaghan to muster all his strength and begin to live his own authentic truth.  He came out in 2017 after he retired from the sport. 


Leadership & Flow

Welcome to a brand new season of Unscripted, y’all! It is sure to be full of inspiration from all corners of not only our city, but the whole dedgum country.

Icons & Coffee Talk

Join Erik as he interviews New Orleans' Own Icon, Poppy Tooker as we revisit my very first interview of all time. Her openness and empathy to others is so incredibly obvious from the sound of her voice. Learn about her new books and how they came to be.

TV Shows & Achieving Goals

Hollywood stereotypes, real estate, HIV positive. Join Erik and his guests as they discuss home remodeling and design, being authentically yourself, and becoming a biological father through surrogacy.

Rainbows, Recognition and Gay Laws

Representation, compartmentalization, pride. Join Erik and his guests as they discuss the diligence it takes to show up as a gay dad, the dark perspective of alcohol mixed with suicidal thoughts, and the implications of the despicable 'Don't Say Gay' law recently passed in Florida.

Disney, Depression & Big Gay Fairytales

Mental health, children's safety, gift of adoption. Join Erik and his guests as they speak to the importance of approaching children where they are in their identity and emotions, the significance behind the 501c3 that helps fund family adoptions, and how his Disney relates to the Florida bill infringing upon LGBTQ rights.

Understandings from the Other Side

Manifesting, guardian angels, crystal kits. Join Erik and his guest, the internationally-renowned Psychic Medium, Kim Russo, as they have an emotional conversation surrounding sensing and connecting with others, the significance behind angel numbers, and a live reading with Erik about his family.

Autism Acceptance and Gay Rights

Racing, race, raising awareness. Join Erik and his guests as they converse on the importance of child development education and awareness, the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, and how one NASCAR driver came out to his small hometown.