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Over 5 years of raw, real, and emotional writings about personal growth, parenthood and everything in between.

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Meet Erik, THE NOLA Papa


My name is Erik Alexander and my husband and I are from New Orleans, Louisiana. We have two independently assertive daughters and an eager baby boy trying to keep up with his sisters.

We strongly feel that as an LGBTQ family, especially in the south, it's important for us and others like us to help light the way for the ones that need hope. We live in an incredibly divisive time and right now visibility is critical to help destigmatize and normalize same-sex families.

We love our children just as any other straight family does, if not more than some.
Just like them, we would do anything on Earth for our babies. We do that every single day, regardless if we are two dads.

It is my mission to broaden the one-sided view of the stereotypical American family. We too are living the American dream. We are the new normal, a loving family that teaches our children acceptance of all walks of life and the importance of being kind to one another.
​Our place in this world is earned, not owed.

My hope is that through my blog,, I am able to bury my insecurities, my fears, and my failures- for all to read, in hopes to see my weaknesses sprout and transform into self-improvement, and resilience, and embrace an unapologetic renewal. My past helped make me who I am today- but who I am tomorrow depends on how I choose to get there, today.

And where would we be without our supporting team?


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Artist and entrepreneur from New Orleans, Louisiana. She is a lover of all things bright and colorful and pulls a lot of inspiration from her vibrant city. She has experience in both illustration and graphic design, along with other skills such as sewing, choreography, and woodworking. You can check out more of her work at

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Head over to our store and check out Erik's 2 books: The Adventures of Addie Underwater and The Secret Mermaid Revue. These books are sure to inspire, uplift and allow your child’s imagination to dive into uncharted waters as they find their talents and embrace how they too can be fabulously unique.

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