Vegas with Kids?

Vegas with Kids? Um – YES!

I didn’t think Las Vegas would be the first place that would pop in my head for an upcoming vacation. That is, UNTIL I found out Martha Stewart was opening her very first restaurant in the “Paris” casino.

Anyone who has followed me for a while knows that all of my projects are met with Stewart’s standards. I found over 20 years ago that by applying this sort of filter to my life, it elevates my attention to detail.

I was so excited to experience all of her charming touches in person. From the beautiful interiors, to the delicious food.   Be sure to download our new digital magazine to get the FULL REVIEW of “The Bedford,” by Martha Stewart.

I was so thrilled that when I proposed this idea, Douglas got excited and immediately started planning our impromptu vacation!

Do not get me wrong, Las Vegas is a tad bit trashy. Yes, I said it. Listen now, the last and only time I went to Vegas was after Katrina and when I tell you, I. Cut. Up. I do not remember most of it. However, I did win $350 at the Wynn, and that was all I needed to know that Papa would be back some day.

Indeed, Papa did return. This time with a family of five! My husband and I were definitely outnumbered.

Our 3 kids’ ages are 7, 5 and almost 3. We have found these ages are absolutely magical.

Douglas gets so excited to plan our vacations. I love it, because I like to keep everything a surprise. When we do arrive to wherever we go, all of us are overflowing with excitement and anticipation!

Because of the lack of time in our planning, the price of airline tickets was outrageous! We ended up finding super cheap tickets on… SPIRIT. Ha!

Yes, it was cheap. And it was LONG as hell.  Nope. We won’t be doing that again. We made it safely though, and I guess that really is all that mattered.
Little did we know, daddy had found an amazing deal at the Luxor! To those that may not know- the Luxor is the giant pyramid on the Vegas Strip. One super cool feature is this hotel does not have an elevator. They have INCLINATORS! Same thing, except they travel diagonally.
Walking in felt like we were little ants looking up at this ginormous structure. Inside it houses Carrot Top’s shows! Ha! Also, the Blue Man Group and others. We all just walked around in amazement.

Watching the kids’ faces was absolutely amazing. These are the ages where they are too young to experience shows and long stints of time, which in turn does make for a cheaper trip! This was a trip that I spontaneously created and hadn’t really budgeted for. So, the cheaper the better. Bring it on!

I had never experienced the Vegas Strip during the day. We loved experiencing the fountains at the Bellagio! And right across the street is the Paris casino- which is a sight to see in and of itself.

My husband wanted to change things up a bit, so he rented a van and he drove all of us north. All of the mountains were covered in snow, and the kids, especially Shane, had never experienced it. That was a very sweet surprise. We had snowball fights, and saw many people doing the same as us. A fun and practically free experience – that is outside of the strip.

The last time I was there, I chowed down at a buffet. I remember that. However, the line to eat there, I do not.
We ate at the Cosmopolitan. A swanky hip buffet that hides half of their line. Quite brilliant, if you ask me now.  If you asked me then, I probably would have said something very Southern, and not so nice.

Three kids and 2 hours later -y’all – that buffet was JAMMED, up. Yes- JAMMED, UP. It was uniquely divided into all sorts of different foods. All with a hipster kind of feel. They asses better be glad that we loved it! Papa was as mad as that caterpillar GUY on Super Mario World.

I won’t sugar coat it. As I said, strip is a tad bit trashy. Especially at night. But, even during the day, there were naked women flyers all over the ground. I told the kids to walk with their eyes shut for a bit. Ha! I held their hands.
However, let me just swing around and say, we are coming from NEW ORLEANS! We know trash when we see it. And it wasn’t my 1st or 5th time at that rodeo.

We came here because of Martha Stewart. Point blank. If she had opened it in upstate New York, we would have gone there. What she has done for me singlehandedly is something I cannot possibly express in a blog. I see now, after over 2 decades of learning, that it is actually starting to pay off.
I cannot wait for you to read my RAW, HONEST, AND UNFILTERED review of “The Bedford” by Martha Stewart! (The most expensive meal I have ever paid for by @nolapapa, AND I couldn’t even top my steak with blue cheese!!!!!)

It’s not personal Ms. Martha. You can read it in our brand new magazine, releasing March First!