Our Christmas cards were sent out TODAY. #sorry #notsorry

nola papa with cards

Oh yes we did! You know, it’s like finishing a 5k race. You know you just want to stop.
But to finish the season officially, the cards have to be sent. Lol.
I love being organized. That is how I roll. But this year, the cards took the back seat. I didn’t mean for it to be that way- it just happened.

My kids have this amazing ability to allow us to easily see what truly is important.
At first glance, I know immediately what I should and shouldn’t do.
Having children definitely makes our decision process a lot easier.

Their ability to comprehend the smallest of situations also helps keep things in perspective.
Because, not only are they able to understand it, but they are also able to translate the meaning differently and many times, more innocently and beautiful.
Anyone that knows me knows that expectations are a must.
When I bake a cake,
I expect it to rise. Ok, let’s be real.
I expect it to be delicious too. And beautiful. See? Ugh. 😩

Kids change that, somewhat. Standards are still there, they just shift to accommodate each situation as they come up.

I tend to think inside my own box. My kids DEFINITELY help me to gaze outside of it, that’s for sure. 
 I love schedules, routines and structure. So when I think outside of the known, being the creature of habit that I am, I tend to get more anxious.

The holidays are chopped full of countless commitments and important obligations that all need their own obligated time to complete. I learned valuable lessons this holiday season! 🤣 AND I wanted everyone else to know it.
Just because the cards are late, or the cake deflates, or your andouille sausage dressing dish explodes into a million pieces because you set it down on without a trivet…YES, dear friends.
Lessons were made this year.
Things happen. Expectations are shattered. (See what I did there)

Although, I would have LOVED to have had everyone open their Christmas cards along with everyone else’s- ON TIME,
But optimistically speaking;
Now we can send an EXTRA
Mardi Gras welcome, from us to you! 🤣🤣🤣