NolaPapa’s Top 5 Ways to STAY SANE During the Holidays

The lights. The garland. The temperature change. The shimmer of smiles accompanied by laughter and anticipation as each morning gets closer to the big day.
It really is magical, ya’ know.

Christmas time for me growing up has always been that way, and for that, I am so incredibly grateful.

It is so easy to get caught up in the cynicism of the world. Heartbreak, anger and despair can take hold of your spirit- the drive we all have inside.

All of a sudden, the monotonous and mundane drags of life build and build, until all you were is now covered by a lonely, cold blanket of snow layered around all of the warmth that you once had.

Losing my brother was the hardest thing I have ever experienced. Death comes along in its own mysterious way. Does it come along to destroy us? Probably not.
Does it come along to snap us back into reality? Absolutely.

Sometimes, the faint approach of Christmas bells in the background are triggers.
Little jolts of anxiety ridden electricity reminds us the season is approaching.

How do we pull ourselves out of that funk?

Well, I have created my top 5 things to do to help welcome the Holiday season, instead of hiding under the snow.

I was talking to my dear friend last night and I would have to say this is one of my…


The holidays are created differently from person to person. Just because we have lost someone that created that magic of Christmas DOES NOT mean the remaining family MUST live up to those standards.
Not unless you want to! (I would want to, but that’s just me!) 😆

Just find a few traditions the missing family member had in their life and create your OWN RENDITION of the magical memory you have.


Remember to have your own, personal time to reflect, workout, garden, cook or bake!

This is where those Holiday candy and treats come in handy! It really is so much fun to lose the anxiety for a bit while you prepare the newest batch of pralines.


With the high pace of life, it is SO easy to double book or forget an obligation. That then leads to stress which leads to frustration and maybe even anger.
I use Google Calendar, and it truly keeps me on task. I promise. And no, they did not pay me to say that. 😂


I remember the rough times in life, and try to put myself in those places and look at how different my life has become.
Sure, gut punches happen. Kicks to the balls happen. Collect yourself. Stay down until you have gained your strength back and then rise up bigger and better than you have ever been before. Don’t rise too early or you may stumble.
When you feel the time is right, uncover yourself from that cold blanket of snow and rise. Warm up. And realize you are here for a purpose. That purpose may be your dog or your parents, but for me, it’s my family.
They pull me out of my funks.
But they can also put me back in them!
That is why NUMBER TWO is so damn important.


Success is a funny thing. Everyone strives for it, but do we ever get there? Being successful, I mean.
Sure, I suppose, if you look at the final outcome. But there is no final outcome until it is over.
I need to press forward while doing the best I can and the most I can, while staying a compassionate and kind person.
That is my goal, and I know if I keep myself in check with those 5 ways, it will help me stay a more patient and loving friend, husband, and papa, ESPECIALLY during the Holidays.

Our family sends Nola Love & Light to each of you this Christmas and Holiday Season🌟