Baby Cakes

When it comes to eating, every kid is different. You can never really know how well they will transition into regular fruits and veggies from baby food- especially if they are picky.
When it comes to changing it up from baby foods to solids, one of the best things we did was to be adventurous and persistent when it came to the choices we made.
At first, the only veggies we found that she would eat was English peas. And literally- that was it.
So we started making this really yummy meal that she loves. We call them ‘Baby Cakes’. They have almost every vegetable under the sun along with a little bit of cheese for calcium. We make a ton and then freeze them for an easy solution when our little one disagrees with our choice for dinner. They look like a pancake but are much more nutritious and power packed with all the goodness from the garden!

I found that doubling up the recipe yields around 40 sand dollar sized cakes. I usually take 5 out each week and keep the rest frozen.
⭐️Remember- every child is different. It usually takes 2 or 3 times for them to warm up to the idea of switching over. Once they do-there’s no going back!

‍♂️Let me know how your transition goes!
​ If it works for you, please pass it along!