No Packet Tacos

No packet tacos are EASIER than opening those impossibly hard packets of taco seasonings! I promise!
And can I just say it is also very rewarding to know what is in the food you are creating for your family

First, Make sure you have all of your ingredients you need!

•1 lb of lean ground beef from your local Rouses
•1 tablespoon of paprika
• 2 tablespoons of onion powder
•2 tablespoons of cumin
• A dash of Tony’s
•Salt to taste- at least 1 teaspoon (IMO)
• A few dashes of white vinegar

On medium high heat:
Brown ground beef or turkey.
Grab your potato masher and work that meat until it breaks up really well.
This allows those big chunks of meat to break apart!
Now, while the meat is browning, add your spices! Incorporate well and lower your heat to medium-low. Add about 1/3 cup of water
until your taco meat is completely cooked through.
​Then, add just a few dashes of white Vinegar! I promise, it gives it that pop. Just 2 or 3 dashes is all ya’ need.

I promise, these tacos are so good! If you like a little more heat, get that Crystal Hot sauce in there and then make build them however you’d like! Listen, If my picky two year old will scarf them down, I put money on yours doing the same!