As Im inching closer and closer to 40 now, It’s so easy for me to get distracted from my personal health. Since we had Alli Mae, it seems as my own work out schedule falls by the waste side, and-rightfully so. Especially in the early months after we brought her home, there was definitely no time to work out for papa. I tried really hard to sneak in a cardio session here and there between nap times… but those were few and far between.
As the early months progressed, and she became a little bit older I was able to get back on the saddle- somewhat.

Our baby is like any other precious little one when it comes to attention. I was use to working out at the gym for at least 2 hours a day, 4 days a week. That was dramatically cut in half- if not more. I also wasn’t able to go to the gym anymore either. About 8 months before we brought her home I invested in a treadmill. Thank goodness I did! I think it is worth it’s wait in gold. Sure, some people buy them and they magically turn into a new closet to hang button down shirts and khaki pants on. However, for me, I have always loved to run. So, purchasing this beauty was a godsend! It also wasn’t a necessity for me to go to the gym anymore.
As she got older, she allowed me to get a smaller work out in but it definitely could not be two hours. I have now created a home work out routine for myself that fits to our schedules.

My work out routine is great for me because I know what is good for my body. It is important that if you are reading this and you want to start your own work out routine, remember- my routine was created for me, and what works for me – may not work very well for you –So you would want to consult a professional trainer or physician. Your body will thank you for it!

In the gym I had everything I could possibly want to work out with. Now that I work out at home it’s significantly different, however it is a bit more convenient.

The Power Tower

15lb. Free Weights

My mornings for years and years now, usually begin with “The Price is Right” and my latte, with now recently adding Alli Mae to my lap. The first half of the show I watch while I drink my coffee, and the other half I watch as I start my pre work out.
I tell you this not because I’m a qwerky Price is Right nut, but because I have found, for me at least- that having my attention to something in the background, like a TV show, helps me remain focused on what I am doing while keeping it fun for me.

​My pre work out consists of:
•300 crunches
•200 push-ups
•25 sit-ups
•100 reps of free weights

After the prework out, I then go upstairs to my equiptment and begin my work out.
I have this awesome bounce swing that Alli Mae sits in and plays behind me while I do the rest.

I start out by stretching. Stretching is such a vital part of my workout and when I don’t stretch- my body definitely lets me know.

•25 pull ups on the “power tower”
and then I start my cardio.

Running for me is almost spiritual. I am able to put my music on, with my certain playlists- depending on what time of year it is. I think changing up your playlists seasonaly helps to take away the monotony of working out so often. I either put on my headphones or turn on the sterio and then just run. I run as long as I possbily can.
I am able to think about the past, present and usually the future. I find myself getting lost in my thoughts and before I know it, 3 miles have passed and I am sweaty mess.
It also helps when I am having a bad or stressful day. I start out with a mind cluttered with aggression, and by the end of my run, it is like all of the stress has been written out onto paper and thrown into a waste basket.
I love running almost as much as I love cooking.

After my run of what is usually about 3 miles, I walk another mile to “cool down”.

After the treadmill,
•25 more pull-ups.
Finally, Finish the work with a
​•new round of stretching.

My workout is only half the battle of staying healthy.
My eating habits are usually the other half. This is pretty hard for me because I love to eat what I want. I love carbs and sweets! I try to have them in moderation, that way I can still enjoy what I love, but it won’t throw my whole workout out of line.

Seeing results, for me- is what really keeps me motivated to keep going. Cardio definitely gets me to where I want to be. Even after a few “cheat weeks,” the high endurance of the treadmil helps me lose rapidly what I gained.

I have to remember to be diligent and consistent when it comes to working out. The more often I do it, the more healthy I feel and look. Working out also helps my mental health, as well as my emotional health.
It would be so easy for me to get wrapped up in my everyday life and family and forget about keeping my body healthy. I have to have the willpower to keep moving forward. I can stop for a minute, but afterwards… march on and continue to the goal of being as healthy as I possibly can be, especially now that I have a precious gift that depends on me for everything.

Alli Mae watching me work out from the power tower-