Lead by Example…

I will admit, it is an unsettling time right now for a lot of people in America. We have come a very long way in the past eight years. The progress we have made should not be overshadowed by anger and fear but as a gay man, with a husband and daughter it is impossible for me to turn a blind eye to this. It is a scary thing to know that some people in our country do not want us to be classified as a “family” along with theirs. It is also frightening to know that our future growth could be hindered because of some people that refuse to even try to understand.
I pray that my precious family and our path for our next baby will not be obstructed because of our new President, his Vice President or the supreme court justices that he will appoint.
I also pray that we can all come together as people of the free world and embrace everyone in this country for who they are, as diverse as it is. It is so important to be compassionate and to not lose sight that everyone wants to be loved. We need to practice kindness in the face of the unusual without disrespect because of our fear of the unknown.
Some of the most beautiful things about our country is how diverse everyone is.
Although different, everyone longs to be respected.

My family and I live in a suburb of New Orleans where people often fly American flags on the back of their pick-up-trucks. It isn’t uncommon to also see Trump flags as well. The amount of support that went in Trump’s favor around here makes me just wonder, “What if he is a good president?”
No good will come from hurting or disrespecting another because of this outcome.
Someone dear to me taught me the saying,
“It is what it is”. So I will search my heart and accept what has happened because everything happens for a reason. The good, the bad, and the ugly I know helps me grow as a husband, father and friend. “Lead by example” is also another term I have learned to live by as well. If we want good to happen, then we must look deep inside ourselves and reach for that goodness even in the darkest of times and once we have found it then we share that goodness as often we can. Some people react in anger because that is all they know… but if we react in compassion in the face of rage, the love we show could maybe teach the angry to be empathetic, the ill timpered to be patient and help the immature to grow. Sometimes, this will not work and the mean will still rear its ugly head and when that happens, walk away. The best thing you can do is just turn around, and in your heart know that you tried. The worst thing you can do is to give up. Tomorrow is a new day.
Remember that one single smile can travel thousands of miles. When words do not help, a smile will.
I feel in my heart that Our LGBTQ family will be just fine. We have allies now helping to make sure we will be.

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