The Importance of an Open Adoption

As hours turned to days, I am left with an empty feeling regarding our country.
Is this in part because of the months worth of Covid isolation? Or is it the undeniable racial trimmer that is finally shaking us out of a paralyzed delusion?

What happened to #georgefloyd was WRONG. There is no denying that. There are NO EXCUSES. What happened to him was a rush to judgment and a failure to our country. Again.
Time after time we see this in our African American communities. The cycle of “justified” murder, the dominance over morality, while the rest of us watch the events unfold with our rose colored glasses on.

Folks. It is time to take off the glasses.
Look at what is happening around us.
👏🏻Snap out of it.
If you cannot think to yourself “something is wrong here”… then it may be time to re-evaluate your personal ideals of what it is like to be black in America.

Being white and privileged, it is pretty impossible for us to even comprehend it: to even grasp the magnitude of how heavy this is. It is raw. It is unfair. It is WRONG. On so many levels.

Living down here in New Orleans there is saying that many of us live by. Or at least I do.
You can see signs posted onto random light poles, stop signs and trees. I don’t know where the saying came from. I don’t know how long people have been saying it. “Think that you might be wrong.”

Those 6 words can change our community, our country, our world.

I am a gay, white father to an African American little girl whose sweet smile can brighten the darkest room.
It is also my job to make sure I speak for her.
I want my baby girl to know that her papa wasn’t silent when voices needed to be heard.
I wasn’t complacent when it mattered most.
Y’all, our history will eventually reveal itself.

Racism is alive and it is rampant.
It’s hidden behind badges, uniforms, desks, steering wheels, pulpits, robes, dresses, hospital masks, polo shirts… but worst of all, guns.

The ones who keep us safe here and abroad fight everyday to ensure our way of life. I am indebted to them. We are indebted to them.
But there needs to be accountability when terrible situations unravel into a horrible lapse in judgment. Not only for police, but for anyone that has a civil responsibility to our community.

Anyone that knows me personally knows that ACCOUNTABILITY is crucial in life. That is the only way to change course. Hold people accountable.

Don’t let the looting take your eye off the ball.
That is NOT the bigger picture here.
This happens in any chaotic and civil unrest.
It isn’t the first time and looting will happen again.
Two wrongs do not make a right today, tomorrow or ever.

Do not lose focus on the point up front and center.
There needs to be accountability for MURDER behind a badge.