It Gets Better, Part 3

️‍Coming out was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Being from south Mississippi made it even more difficult.

​Years ago, after seeing so many kids take their lives because of bullying & being ridiculed for their differences, I felt like I needed to share what has helped me through my tough times.
This video is my heart put onto index cards. It is my prayer that one troubled kid may see it & realize that it REALLY does get better-
So much better!

When I recorded this video, I would have never believed I was embarking on my own fairytale life with a lawful, and loving husband and a dad to 2 beautiful daughters-
​living the American dream I so desperately wished for so many years ago

Your dreams are so important & attainable. Each one is waiting for you.
Just don’t give up.
Surround yourself with people that will lift you up & not tear you down. Look for friends that will catch you when you fall and when friends and family cannot be there, find your passions that make you smile- that make you thrive. Find your hobbies that shape you into a stronger, sharper, and better person. We all have them. The trick is tapping into that passion that burns inside of you- that then transforms you into that confident and powerful person who is able to rise from the ashes to become who you truly are-
​so you can live how you feel on the inside,
​while outside for all to see.

And then, when you have found your place in this crazy world, remember to pay it forward.

​Please, pay it forward. 

One person can change the world…
and it all begins with a smile.

Remember, it gets SO MUCH BETTER, y’all! ❤️