Dear America

Dear America,
For the first time in my life, I am able to breathe fresh air of change- A fresh breath of hope-A fresh breath of validity. I am able to call my partner my legal husband. I am able to create a family that is right in the eyes of our law- that is just like any other traditional family, simply because we are all Americans. Regardless of what side of the aisle you sit, denying someone else’s right to the same privilege that someone else naturally has is unfair and is against the principles that our United States were founded on and that our country is about.
Though President Obama didn’t change the law for the LGBTQ community, he is and always will be a trailblazer and ahead of his time when it comes to standing up for what is right.
While for some, including my own extended family are happy about the transition, I ask for discretion, restraint, and tact in this time of adjustment.
It sometimes is hard to say goodbye. Though some may not understand, I just hope they can empathize. We are saying goodbye to an era- to a movement. We are saying goodbye to Obama’s revolution.
We must band together as the beautifully diverse country that we are and continue our march towards equality. We must lift up the ones who need a voice, and turn our heads from the ones that misuse it.
We are not saying goodbye to change, to hope, to equality. I refuse to back down now when so much is at stake.
It is, and always will be our ONE nation under God, with liberty and justice FOR ALL.

Thank you President Obama.

❤the Alexander’s- New Orleans, La