We are Having a Party!

I made a sweet birthday banner using the month stickers we have taken pictures with since she was born. I attached the according picture to each month and tied to a pompom string. I added a few more pieces of flair to set it off and I think it came out perfect!

I also thought it would be imporant to have an activity that the adults can do after presents and cake. I figured arts and crafts would be a perfect way to have casual conversation and laughs, then when we are finished they would have a take a away from Alli Mae’s first birthday. Most of the people coming are family anyway so they would want this gift.
I have never done finger or hand prints before so this should be an interesting experiment. When we are finished the canvas should look like two feet creating a tulip flower and a hand print creating a daisy.
The grand parents should love this!

I’m baking my delicious Meyer lemon star cookies that I have made for years and years. I thought this would be perfect because of the shooting star we saw in the beginning of our journey.
They are usually yellow but for her birthday party I will ice them white and pink. If you would have told me last year when I made them with my fresh lemons off my tree that next year I would be making them for my daughter, I would have laughed at you.

So far everything is coming together perfectly for the party! Only a little over a week left!!